VEX Robotics Teams

This year there are 13 World Qualifying spots open for Washington State High School teams this year and they will be allocated based on that ratio (8 spots allocated for the Western WA State Championship and 5 spots allocated for the Eastern WA State Championship).  On January 1st, 2015, the RECF will look at the registered teams for the State again and reallocate as necessary these 13 spots if the ratio changes.

Hopefully ALL teams in the state will eligible to compete in one of the State Championships.  Please note that teams will be restricted to competing in their local State Championship tournament and only in certain circumstances will they be allowed to cross the mountains and compete in the other State Championship tournament.  In all cases, a team may only compete in one State Championship tournament.  Also, ONLY Washington State teams will be competing in these tournaments.

UW GEAR UP will this year be sponsoring high school robotics teams from our 13 districts.


Check back for updates to teams/schedules.