Technology and our youth

How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants. Kids adore their new robot siblings. As millions of American families buy robotic voice assistants to turn off lights, order pizzas and fetch movie times, children are eagerly co-opting the gadgets to settle dinner table disputes, answer homework questions and entertain friends at sleepover

The UW connection to an amazing astronomical discovery

SEATTLE — This week’s discovery of seven planets around a distant star has a connection right here at the University of Washington. The star is called TRAPPIST-1 and the scientist is Eric Agol. The equations on the long chalkboard in professor Eric Agol’s office on the University of Washington campus let you know as soon

Drones Are Turning Civilians Into an Air Force of Citizen Scientists

LAST WINTER, AS meteorologists warned of a monster El Niño, researchers at the Nature Conservancy in California prepared to mobilize. El Niño promised to bring in king tides that would raise the sea level by as much as one foot above normal during high tide, causing flooding along the coastline that researchers could study as a preview

New UW Computer Science & Engineering building receives $5M gift

New UW Computer Science & Engineering building receives $5M gift from Charles and Lisa Simonyi. Longtime philanthropists Charles and Lisa Simonyi have given a second Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) building on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus a major boost with a $5 million gift. Charles and Lisa Simonyi The architect of Word and other core

Google quietly donates $10M to UW

Google quietly donates $10M to University of Washington in another major computer science gift. We already know that Microsoft, Amazon, and Zillow made multimillion-dollar donations to help build a new University of Washington computer science and engineering building. But another tech giant has also contributed to the expansion — albeit in a quieter way. Google

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