UW College of Engineering announces Direct to College admission for 2018 incoming freshman class

The University of Washington’s College of Engineering is taking a significant step to improve undergraduate engineering students’ educational experiences by offering Direct to College admission beginning with the entering freshman class of 2018. This change will assure incoming freshman students who are admitted into the college and their families that they will be able to

Some want to do more to teach children – and teachers – media literacy

As devices flood schools, some want to do more to teach children – and teachers – media literacy. Kids are bombarded with information from digital media around the clock. “Screens wake us up in the morning. They send us off to school,” says Linda Kennedy, a former Seattle television journalist who now offers media literacy education.

Robotics reboot

In its sixth year at the UW, the Husky Robotics team has turned its attention inward. By focusing on creating a solid foundation, the team hopes to set future generations of UW student roboticists on a path to success. In August 2012, a NASA rover landed on Mars and immediately went to work collecting and

Bloomberg-backed group to help poorer students graduate from college

When he was trying to get into his top choice university, Alejandro Hidalgo of Garland, Texas looked ahead with excitement. But when the time came to figure out how to pay for it, that nearly brought him to tears. “I had worked so hard in high school, and I told myself to apply to the

$32,000 Awarded at Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge

This time the judges didn’t just like them, they really, really liked them. EpiForAll took home the $15,000 Hollomon Family grand prize at the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge hosted by the Foster School’s Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. The HIC at the University of Washington featured 20 student teams seeking to address problems in health, wellness, and healthcare through

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