Five Ideas to Celebrate National GEAR UP Week

National GEAR UP Week

Five Ideas to celebrate National GEAR UP Week

1. Invite your elected officials (U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Mayor, City Council, etc.) to attend a College Access Roundtable, or host aChampions of Education” Reception with your GEAR UP students, parents, partners and staff. This would be a great opportunity to thank them for their hard work and support for GEAR UP, have your students share their progress/successes and/or highlight your best partners or parent volunteers!

2. Host a “Community Success Stories” breakfast, coffee gathering or potluck luncheon as a thank you for dedicated GEAR UP partners, volunteers and parents. Consider inviting GEAR UP school administrators, teachers, parents, partners and student leaders, as well as local businesses, a service club or chamber of commerce and individuals from nonGEAR UP schools to discuss college access and the success that GEAR UP has had in your school district!

3. Create an oversized “Thank you” card or send letters to your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative. These “Thank You” cards or letters can be from students, parents, teachers, local elected officials, business owners. Take pictures and deliver to your elected official’s District Office.

4. Create a “GEAR UP Dreams Wall” — Cover the wall of a classroom with butcher paper, place a large National GEAR UP Week logo in the center with “Our GEAR UP Dreams” underneath, and have students write their academic, professional, and personal goals on the wall. Take a picture of students by their dreams and deliver them to your U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative, and State Legislators.

5. Request a proclamation from your Members of Congress, Governor or Mayor.