It really is a golden age of what’s possible

A conversation with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen: ‘It really is a golden age of what’s possible’ –

If Paul Allen were just starting out in computer science today, he might not know where to start. Robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, augmented reality, biological systems — the list of topics that fascinate him is practically endless.

“It’s amazing,” Allen said, marveling at the advances in technology and the potential to change the world. “Kids these days have so much more computer power, so much better tools at their disposal. It really is a golden age of what’s possible.”

Paul Allen speaks at UW on Thursday. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

The Microsoft co-founder sat down for a conversation with GeekWire after making a special appearance Thursday afternoon at the University of Washington in Seattle. The UW announced Thursday that Allen is donating $40 million to its computer science program, and Microsoft is adding $10 million in honor of Allen to bring the total contribution to $50 million — a game-changing endowment for an institution that helps to fuel the regional economy with technology talent.

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