Job recruiters work to woo UW computer-science students

From Seattle times: Job seekers at the UW Computer Science and Engineering recruiting fair are confident they’ll find work. They’re more interested in whether they’ll find something they really like.

Daphna Khen happily described her normal workday to a prospective Zillow job candidate Thursday at the University of Washington.

She usually gets in about 9 a.m., she said, and leaves about 5 p.m. She remembers working late into the night only once during her year and a half with the Seattle real-estate technology company.

Yes, there are many opportunities to learn different skills. Senior engineers offer “office hours,” and everyone Khen asks is happy to help out troubleshooting any issue.

Job seekers at the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) recruiting fair generally don’t ask Khen about salary or vacation days or health benefits. They’re more interested in how she likes her job and the projects she works on.

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