Professional Development for Site Coordinators & Counselors

On August 8, UW GEAR UP Site Coordinators and Counselors will receive Professional Development training “Sprint to the Finish – Strategies for Completing the Admission and Enrollment Processes” for our GEAR UP high school seniors.  Peter Van Buskirk, who last year gave training on Best College Fit, will return to share these strategies, including an advising calendar for senior year using the new financial aid timelines and deadlines, tips on interviewing students to help them finalize their post-high school plans, the college application process and financial aid overview, terms and tips.  Included will be sample essays and letters of recommendation for consideration and critique, as well as a comparison of financial aid award letters from several different institutions.

Join us at from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at Heritage University, Smith Family Hall.  Call or email Gabi if you have any questions about this training.