Turn your smartphone into a science lab

smart phone microscope lens

Portable lens turns your phone into a microscope.

(Inside Science TV) – From the classrooms to research facilities a cell phone could morph into a portable science lab.

“If we could use a cellphone as a microscope that would be a very cheap and cost effective way to solve a number of our problems,” said Thomas Larson, a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle and inventor of the Micro Phone Lens. The idea came to Larson while he was working in the lab at the University of Washington.

“We’re using microscopes a lot!” said Larson.

Large, high-powered microscopes can see anywhere from 50- to 400-times magnification, but typically an “entire microscope system costs about two and a half thousand dollars,” said Larson. Larson developed a tiny lens that costs just one cent to make creating a handheld smartphone microscope.

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