Career Guidance Resources from OSPI


All guidance curriculum classroom lessons and resources are located on the OSPI College & Career Readiness web page, including Navigation 101 classroom lessons.

Career Guidance WA, Sparking the Future, and My Dreams/Story/Voice have Spanish translation.

Example: http://www.firstinthefamily.org/highschool/Videos_2.html

Because the online lessons and resources are no longer available, we encourage schools to use the free on line resources.

1-      An electronic interest inventory from WA Workforce called Career Bridge has resources for middle and high schools.  Also, there is a free booklet called, “Where Are You Going?”. All of these resources have been updated. The link is: http://www.careerbridge.wa.gov/.

2-      There is also a new site from the WA Student Achievement Council called “Ready, Set, Grad” with many resources for Grades 6-12. http://readysetgrad.org/. The website has new online tools to help middle and high school students with career paths, postsecondary options and admissions, and financial aid information.

3-      Check Out a College.Com is an electronic resource from State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. http://checkoutacollege.com/