This five-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own

Robots today can perform space missions, solve a Rubik’s cube, sort hospital medication and even make pancakes. But most can’t manage the simple act of grasping a pencil and spinning it around to get a solid grip. Intricate tasks that require dexterous in-hand manipulation — rolling, pivoting, bending, sensing friction and other things humans do

UW, Gonzaga welcome largest Spokane med-student class

In August, 60 medical students will head to dedicated facilities on the Gonzaga campus. When students begin the 2016-17 academic year, the University of Washington School of Medicine and Gonzaga University will welcome the largest-ever entering class of medical students in Spokane. In August 60 first-year medical students will head to dedicated facilities – also

A computer with no battery?

This battery-free computer sucks power out of thin air. Today, the biggest hurdle when it comes to designing new gadgets is battery technology. These big, bulky things restrict the forms our smartphones, computers, and wearables can take, and unfortunately, battery technology is so stagnant that there’s no promise of things getting better any time soon.

UW’s creepy robotic hand to change the world

Last month, two researchers at the University of Washington gave the world a hand. It is a hand unlike any other. Built using a 3-D printer and human anatomy as its blueprint, it possesses the potential to revolutionize the development of artificial limbs. Details of the hand—including its network of creepy tendons and ligaments—can be

Financial aid training on Twitter

What is the difference between a grant and a loan? Can I save money on college while I’m still in high school?  Are undocumented students eligible for financial aid?  What is an FSA ID?  How much does it cost to process the FAFSA? These questions and more are being answered!  Follow us on Twitter for

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