Embrace unknowns

We make hundreds, possibly thousands, of decisions each day without having full knowledge of what will happen next. Life is unpredictable, and we move forward the best we can despite not knowing every detail. It’s no different in the natural world. The Earth is warming, fish stocks and species counts fluctuate and we’re experiencing more

How to interest girls in engineering and computer science?

Shift the stereotypes.  Girls have long been underrepresented among undergraduates in computer science and engineering for a complex variety of reasons. A new study identifies a main culprit for that disparity: inaccurate stereotypes depicting computer scientists and engineers as geeky, brilliant and socially awkward males. Read full article.

3-D printing creates low-cost mechanical sensor

Imagine printing out molecules that can respond to their surroundings. A research project at the University of Washington merges custom chemistry and 3-D printing. Scientists created a bone-shaped plastic tab that turns purple under stretching, offering an easy way to record the force on an object. Read full article.

OMA&D students compete in hackathon

The UW team coded and presented a live demonstration of a mobile application during the three-day technology competition at Microsoft in November. Read full article.

Dueling medical school proposals by UW, WSU

The medical school turf war between the University of Washington and Washington State University is heating up this week as both schools prepare to testify about their medical school programs to the Legislature’s Senate Higher Education Committee in Olympia on Thursday. Read full article.

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