UW launches web site featuring resources for undocumented students

The University of Washington has launched a new web site to serve as a resource hub for prospective and current undocumented students at all three campuses. The site – www.washington.edu/admissions/undocumented – provides information about the UW application process, financial aid, housing and academic support options. It also connects undocumented students to a variety of resources, including the new Leadership Without

UW applications at all-time high

UW receives record number of applications — again A record-breaking number of students have applied to the University of Washington for fall 2016. The biggest growth is coming from outside the state. The University of Washington has again set a record for applications, recording another double-digit increase in the percent of students who want to study

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing from mobile devices may help improve bus service

On any given bus ride, a good share of passengers are reading, texting or rocking out to music on their phones or tablets. In the future, those mobile devices may add more value to our transit commutes than simply filling time. University of Washington researchers have developed an inexpensive system that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Smartphone technology counts calories

This smartphone technology 3-D maps your meal and counts its calories. How many calories are on the plate of food you’re about to eat? You could eyeball it, but science says you’d probably underestimate. You could painstakingly weigh each ingredient in that salad or burger or look up items in a smartphone app, but that requires time

How we can keep our digital lives from getting in the way of our actual lives

A few years ago, University of Washington professor David Levy studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on multi-tasking. He trained his subjects, human resource managers in Seattle and San Francisco, for eight weeks in mindfulness meditation. Those who learned the techniques tested with lower stress levels and switched tasks less often. Now Levy is applying

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