UW’s STARS helps low-income students shine

Good students from low-income backgrounds soar to meet high expectations at UW. Usually when I think about helping kids succeed, I have in mind young children in the most dire circumstances, the ones who might not make it through school or might wind up in jail. But sometimes even being an A student isn’t enough

Engineering Discovery Days celebrates 100 years on UW campus

At the University of Washington’s first engineering open house, visitors marveled at early-1900s scientific advances: using electricity to cook and curl hair, sending wireless messages over a distance of five miles, experimenting with lightning. Fast forward a century, and this week’s on-campus activities for the 100th anniversary of Engineering Discovery Days include forming nanoparticles, extracting DNA from a strawberry,

3-D printed blossoms a growing tool for ecology

3-D printing has been used to make everything from cars to medical implants. Now, University of Washington ecologists are using the technology to make artificial flowers, which they say could revolutionize our understanding of plant-pollinator interactions. Read full article.

Dual Credit in the news

Jeff Charbonneau: Legislature should allow all students equal access to dual credit – guest opinion in Spokesman Review. Officials: Dual-credit courses benefit high school students – Longview News-Journal. Dual-credit lookup tool – to help students find out if and how much college credit they may get for their dual-credit exam scores at public and private independent

Why everyone needs a little robot

There is likely no more famous – or beloved – robot than R2-D2. Along with partner C-3PO, both robots became so much more than sidekicks in the Star Wars films — they became central figures fans could relate to, emulate and adore. Read full article

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