Do the FAFSA!

If you have not yet filled out the FAFSA, now is the time to do it. The earlier you submit your FAFSA, the more financial aid you may receive. Why should you complete the FAFSA? In order to be eligible for any type of financial aid: Scholarships, Grants, Work Study and Student Loans.

UW application deadline: Dec. 1

High school seniors, if you are hoping to go to University of Washington next fall, be sure to turn in your application by December 1.  

Job recruiters work to woo UW computer-science students

From Seattle times: Job seekers at the UW Computer Science and Engineering recruiting fair are confident they’ll find work. They’re more interested in whether they’ll find something they really like. Daphna Khen happily described her normal workday to a prospective Zillow job candidate Thursday at the University of Washington. She usually gets in about 9

Why do some STEM fields have fewer women than others?

UW study may have the answer… Women’s relative lack of participation in science, technology, engineering and math is well documented, but why women are more represented in some STEM areas than others is less clear. A new University of Washington study is among the first to address that question by comparing gender disparities across STEM fields. Published

How to send a password through your body

A group of engineers found a way to use everyday devices to transfer small amounts of data through skin. A man with one hand in his pocket approaches a locked door and places his other hand on the doorknob. A second later, the deadbolt clicks open, as if by magic, and he lets himself in.

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